Sleep Studies

Sleep Studies

Do you snore, wake up tired, have restless periods during the night? Then a sleep study might be the way to find a solution. Sleep studies have traditionally been undertaken in a hospital. Salamanca Dental offers an alternative. You can undertake your sleep study at home in your own bed.

Our sleep study machine is taken home for one night. You get to sleep in the comfort of your own bed. There are 5 levels of sleep study machines available and ours is one step down from the hospital based study. It provides the most comprehensive sleep study data that can be obtained from a home-based sleep study. Sleep scientists and respiratory physicians we work with analyse the data from the sleep study machine and provide a comprehensive report on the results.

What can a sleep study provide?

  • Information about snoring
  • Details of your sleep patterns
  • Oxygen and heart monitoring
  • Detect incidents and severity of sleep apnoea
  • Data  to tailor solutions

and more…

Once a sleep study is performed and the results are received, Salamanca Dental providers can discuss treatment options. These options can include a mouth-guard type device called a Mandibular Advancement Splint (MAS). A MAS re-positions your jaw to help open up your airways to allow more restful sleep. Alternatives include Continuous Positive Air Pressure (CPAP) machines, or a referral to a specialist for a surgical approach.

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