Root Canal Treatment in Hobart

Aching teeth with nerve damage need to have the tooth nerve removed by a careful procedure to make them pain-free. This is known as root canal treatment and is a great alternative therapy to extraction. Once the nerve chamber is cleaned and space-filled, the tooth usually requires a crown to stop it from cracking or chipping.

What to expect when having root canal treatment

  • The dentist will numb the tooth needing treatment
  • A special rubber barrier is placed to isolate the tooth and to make the visit easier on the patient
  • The nerve chamber is accessed, the nerve removed and space cleaned
  • The special filling material is carefully placed into the space
  • The access point is sealed with a filling
  • A crown is required over the filling to support tooth strength and durability

Root-filled teeth need to be cared for just like any other teeth. We recommend 6-monthly routine dental check-ups and cleaning along with diligent home oral hygiene, to help the treated tooth last a long time.

How Much does Root Canal Therapy Cost?

Payment plans available:
We also welcome all major health funds including BUPA, St Lukes and Medibank.