Oral Health Care During Travel

Oral Health Care During Travel.

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It is easy to sway from your usual oral hygiene routine while traveling or on holidays. However, it is during these times that your diet may change to consuming carbohydrates or sugary foods on a more regular basis, therefore increasing risk of cavity formation. This makes oral hygiene maintenance even more crucial when you travel.

There are a few ways you can plan for your oral health prior to travel:

  • Pack travel sized toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss and interproximal brushes in the bag you are taking onto the plane, rather than the one you are checking in
  • Ensure your toothbrush holder or carry case has holes for ventilation and drainage
  • Mouthguard, night guard, retainer or any other removable appliances you require during your trip along with their carry cases to avoid damaging them
  • Attend a dental check up to ensure all problems are resolved – dental pain is the last thing you need while trying to enjoy your time off. The change in air pressure from flying can also worsen existing toothache or cause pain from an infection which had previously gone unnoticed
  • Formulate a list of safe and reliable dental clinics at your destination in the case of an emergency
  • Check whether your travel insurance covers dental emergencies
  • Pack analgesics such as paracetamol or ibuprofen in case of toothache
  • If the local water at your destination is not safe to drink, then it is also not safe to use during oral hygiene. Use bottled water in these circumstances
  • Keep sugary food intake to mealtimes if possible, rinse mouth with water after sugary foods, drink sweet drinks or juices through a straw to limit exposure to teeth, and chew crunchy non-sugary foods such as carrots or nuts to stimulate saliva flow.

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Enjoy your trip!

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