Your Kid’s Mouth Guard for School Sports

Salamanca Dental would like to encourage parents to think about supplying a kid’s mouth guard for school sports. As it is that time of year sports/ outdoor activities will begin to ramp up. Supplying your child with a custom fitted mouthguard prepared by our dental professionals will minimise the risk of dental injury/trauma.

Being carefully crafted, our custom fitted mouthguards fit securely around teeth, reducing soft tissue injury, concussion, absorb and distribute force which cushions teeth against impact.

Fitting a Kids Mouth Guard

A store bought kid’s mouth guard can be bulky, uncomfortable, rough around the edges and can sometimes interfere with swallowing and breathing.

At Salamanca Dental, we are more than happy to do a thorough assessment and answer any questions you may have in regards to getting a kids’ mouthguard. We have a range of colours to choose from, to represent you or your team colours.

For more information about how to wear and maintain your mouthguard, check out the Australian Dental Association info page.

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Payment plans available:
We also welcome all major health funds including BUPA, St Lukes and Medibank.