Mouth Ulcers

Mouth Ulcers

Mouth ulcers are the loss or erosion of soft tissue lining the inside of the mouth (mucous membrane). Mouth ulcers can be very uncomfortable. In most cases they resolve without any further health impacts, within one to two weeks.

Mouth ulcers come in three forms.

  • Herpetiform – which are pin point size
  • Minor – small sores
  • Major – larger and deeper sores

Mouth ulcers can be caused by a wide range of things:

  • Acidic foods
  • Brushing teeth and gums too hard causing trauma
  • Stress
  • Burns from hot food and drinks
  • Irritation from dental devices (braces etc)
  • Irritation from foods
  • Medications and/or medical treatments

Treatment of ulcers can involve warm salt water mouth rinse. To make up this salt water rinse at home, place a teaspoon of salt in 1/2 glass warm water, dissolve and swish around the mouth 2-3 times a day). Alternatively over the counter pharmacy medications can also be used.

Some tips to assist in preventing mouth ulcers.

  • Avoid acidic foods. You might find a particular food (eg tomatoes) cause ulcers.
  • Reduce stress levels, which is good for your overall health as well.
  • Practice careful and thorough dental hygiene.

If you experience recurrent mouth ulcers it is worth discussing this with your dentist. To make an appointment or to speak with one of our friendly staff, please call Salamanca Dental on 6288 8070, contact us here or book online.

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