Salamanca Dental Covid Safety Plan

Salamanca Dental has a 11 step plan to minimise the risk of Covid-19 within the practice, for the safety of both patients and staff

UPDATES From Wednesday 28th September 2022 patients are no longer required to wear a mask when coming to their appointment. You may choose to continue to wear one, however the requirement that all patients wear one, has been removed. from 24th October 2022 we will no longer be temperature testing patients on arrival. The Salamanca Dental Team will continue to wear masks at all times.

1. We are sending a screening SMS to all patients on the morning of their appointment.

2. We have a no-touch entrance to the practice.

3. We have individual patient pens that are disinfected after each use.

4. We have covers on our EFTPOS/HICAPS machine that are replaced after each patient use.

5. We have restrictions in place for visitors. Only patients, delivery (couriers) and staff allowed into the practice.

6. We are undertaking a two-phase cleaning process with detergent, followed by disinfectant, after every patient.

7. All staff are at least triple vaccinated.

8. Patients are being asked to do a pre-procedural mouth rinse, prior to treatment commencement.

9. Patients will have a splash-less mouth rinse (we are not using the spittoons).

10. We are offering Telehealth consultations (if appropriate).

11. All staff are using an enhanced PPE protocol.

If you have any concerns about visiting the dentist, please give us a call and we can chat about the above, and how we are protecting you and us.
Ph: 6288 8070 (8.00am -4.30pm) Monday to Friday.