Tooth Extraction

An extraction of a tooth may be necessary for several reasons. These include:

  • The tooth is severely decayed and cannot be restored with a filling or root canal treatment
  • The tooth has experienced trauma due to an accident
  • The tooth is very mobile due to severe gum disease
  • The tooth is a wisdom tooth that is difficult to clean, is severely decayed, and/or is causing gum problems
  • To create space for orthodontic treatment

At Salamanca Dental, we understand that a tooth extraction is not the most pleasant experience and can cause a lot of anxiety. The team at Salamanca Dental will do everything possible to ensure you feel comfortable and at ease.

What to expect when getting a tooth removed:

  • Your dentist will numb the tooth needing treatment
  • You will feel lots of pressure as the tooth is removed
  • Once the tooth is removed and the site is healed, replacement options, if applicable, can be
    explored and discussed

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