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Emergency Dentist in Hobart

At any moment you may need an emergency dentist, whether you’re a Hobart local, or a visitor in town.

How do I find a dentist on the weekend in Hobart. At Salamanca Dental, we offer existing patients, and where possible new patients, after hours and emergency dental care.

Why you might need a dentist on the weekend

We see a variety of reasons for seeking an emergency  or after hours dentist. These reasons include anything from a tooth that’s been knocked out in a sports game, to a badly infected gum. If you have a dental emergency, there is no need to stress. Salamanca Dental can help to ensure you’re smiling again as soon as possible!

Common reasons you’d need an emergency dentist

Here is a list of the common reasons you might need an emergency dentist.


If you are experiencing a toothache, it is likely your dentist will be able to assist in relieving this pain and detailing what is causing the issue. Firstly, consider when and how the pain came about. It’s best not to mask the pain with over the counter pain medication such as Paracetamol. Ideally book an appointment with Salamanca Dental, so our dentists can assist in relieving the pain quickly.

Chipped or fractured teeth, or a knocked-out or broken tooth

You may chip, fracture or break your teeth (or even completely knock out your tooth) for reasons such as biting a piece of food that is too hard, being involved in a sports related accident, or another type of accident that results in facial contact.

If you have a chipped, fractured or a broken tooth, try to keep the lost piece of tooth. Wash your mouth out with warm water and apply pressure to any bleeding areas with gauze. As soon as possible, call Salamanca Dental for an emergency or after hours appointment.

Unexpected swelling

Unexpected swelling of the teeth or gums may be the result of an infection. To ensure swelling does not worsen, we encourage you to contact Salamanca Dental for an emergency or after hours appointment as soon as possible.

Lost dental crown

If you accidentally lose a dental crown, please keep it safe to avoid any damage to the crown. Book an appointment with Salamanca Dental so we can re-cement your crown promptly.

What’s the number to call for our emergency dentist?

You may be experiencing dental issues such as those listed above or any number of other reasons that require emergency or after hours dental care. Please call our main line – 03 6288 8070 directly so we can assist you with urgent bookings. Alternatively, you can book an appointment on-line here.

Payment plans available:
We also welcome all major health funds including BUPA, St Lukes and Medibank.