Dental Hygiene in Hobart


A dental hygienist is a registered dental practitioner who works with your dentist to provide you with preventative dental care. Our dental hygienist is highly trained to detect, prevent and treat dental disease. Our hygienist is great at teaching people of all ages to clean hard-to-reach areas of the mouth, and to understand the importance of cleaning and looking after our mouths.

What does a dental hygienist do?

  • Provides education and services to you and the whole family to maintain a clean and healthy mouth. These techniques can prevent future problems arising and, most importantly, helps your teeth last a lifetime
  • Evaluates, assesses and provides treatment to improve gum health through gently cleaning and polishing off plaque, tartar and stains
  • Treats teeth with decay-prevention solutions such as remineralising agents that help increase the strength of the tooth surface and reduce bacteria
  • Takes impressions for sports mouthguards and whitening
  • Performs modern tooth-whitening procedures that are both comfortable and show instant results
  • Applies preventative sealants (fissure seals) which, by stopping food from trapping in tooth grooves, reduce your risk of decay

Salamanca Dental recommends routine hygiene visits every 6 months along with your check-up. We can combine the two services over one appointment to make it easier to attend.

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We also welcome all major health funds including BUPA, St Lukes and Medibank.