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We offer a dental check-up service for new and existing patients in Hobart. A dental check-up is a service where our dentist performs a thorough inspection of the mouth, looking at the health of teeth, gums and surrounding tissues.

A dental check-up allows the dentist to pick up issues early, often before serious dental diseases occur. Problems that are caught early will generally be simpler and more affordable to treat. We will teach you techniques to help keep your teeth and gums in good health. Dental check-ups are recommended 6-monthly, and more frequent visits may be required if you need extra assistance in maintaining a healthy smile.

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What does a dental check-up involve?

As part of our dental check-up, our dentists will:

  • ask you about your general health as this will help identify if any medications or health issues affect your oral health, and then advise you accordingly
  • check your teeth for any holes (cavities), gum disease, plaque, hardened deposits known as tartar on the teeth and screen for oral cancer
  • take X-rays as this helps the dentist check difficult-to-see surfaces of your teeth such as between teeth, below the gum line and near the roots

Dental check-ups help the dentist form an in-depth view of your oral health and allows them to diagnose, plan and discuss treatment options to help maintain your smile, with the aim of preventing future problems.

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Depending upon your dental history, we may need a longer appointment for your check-up. Please complete this form so we can assist you with your health needs.

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    We also welcome all major health funds including BUPA, St Lukes and Medibank.